Tri-Art Education Program

At Tri-Art we believe that there is a need for acrylic education. Continually,there is new product development and advances made in the "world of acrylic paints and mediums".Thus there needs to be continual education and awareness of these new products.To answer this need we have developed the Tri-Art Acrylic Education Program.

The program's objective is to offer hands-on workshops, to inform, inspire and educate about techniques and applications of our acrylic paints and mediums.These workshops are designed to present a broad overview of the materials through simple and innovative exercises in technique and application.

The workshops are intended for the working artist, aspiring artist, arts instructors or art appreciators. All who appreciate the importance of staying current with new product and materials development.

Our instructors are professional and experienced in the area of visual art, materials usage and instruction. They are available to conduct workshops on your behalf that can be tailored to your specific needs and /or interests.

In Addition to workshops. Tri-Art provides in-store demos and staff training for stores that carry our products. Please contact Rheni Tauchid to learn more about the specific aspects of The Tri-Art Education Program, and the possibilities for your art group, guild or store.

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