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The Tri-Art Airbrush Acrylics 40 colour selection is a premium quality paint line designed to satisfy the most discerning artists. As with all Tri-Art Acrylics, they are manufactured with 100% pure acrylic polymer emulsion producing a tough yet flexible film with excellent resistance to water, chemicals, light and ultraviolet radiation.

Only the highest quality colour pigments have been selected for purity and lightfastness. Many new pigments have been chosen in favor of older, less suitable ones. All colours have very good to excellent resistance to fading. Each colour in this line has been formulated to achieve the maximum pigment concentration and colour strength consistent with good handling properties and stability. No fillers or extenders are used in Tri-Art Acrylics. All Tri-Art Airbrush colours have been passed through a 100 micron mesh filter to keep out any impurities which may clog the airbrush.

No expense has been spared in the production of Tri-Art Airbrush acrylic paints, the artist's airbrush acrylic paint of unsurpassed quality.

Performance and Dilution

Tri-Art Airbrush Acrylics are supplied ready to use directly from the bottle. The paint can be sprayed directly onto paper, wood, fabric and many other surfaces. The paint has an ink-like consistency which will flow with ease through any airbrush without clogging. Each of Tri-Art's Airbrush Acrylic colours have the same pigment concentration and colour strength as in other Tri-Art Acrylics. They can be readily mixed with Tri-Art Airbrush Medium at any ratio or with up to 50% water for increased transparency and economy.

The paint film dries to a flexible, waterfast and lightfast matte finish when applied to an absorbent ground. Spraying onto non-absorbent surfaces will produce a more satin finish. Smooth or glossy surfaces such as glass or metal should be lightly abraded before spraying to improve adhesion. Tri-Art Airbrush Acrylics will not adhere well to oily or greasy surfaces. For exterior applications, such as brick or concrete, we recommend using the paint at no less than a 1:1 ratio with Airbrush Medium for the base coat.

Application on Fabrics and Leather

Tri-Art Airbrush Acrylic dries to a flexible, water resistant paint film making it the ideal medium for direct application onto fabrics and leather. Due to the elastic and water fast nature of Tri-Art Airbrush colours, it is not necessary to heat-set fabric after spraying. It is important however, to allow the paint to cure for a period of up to three days prior to washing for optimum durability.

Wash fabric prior to spraying to ensure that it is free of any starch or sizing as this will affect adhesion. Base coat colours should not be thinned more than 50% with Airbrush Medium to guarantee good coverage.

Leather should be free of oils and grease to ensure good adhesion. It is recommended that a base coat of Tri-Art Titanium White be lightly sprayed onto leather surfaces before spraying colour. There is no need for heat setting. Any fabric painted with Tri-Art Airbrush Acrylic colours will not fade or discolour with time, wear or exposure to fabric detergents and softeners.

Tri-Art Titanium White

Tri-Art Titanium White is the cornerstone of the Airbrush Acrylic line. It is ideal for creating flat backgrounds and precise highlights. Tri-Art Titanium White also has unsurpassed hiding power and brightness. As with all Tri-Art colours, it is free of fillers and extenders. The fine particle size of the pigment and the purity of the acrylic together create a paint of exceptional opacity. It is the particle size which allows for the spraying of fine lines and minute details. Tri-Art Titanium White will not separate or settle in the jar.

The Opaque Colors

Aside from Titanium White, The Tri-Art Airbrush paint line boasts other colours with excellent opacity and covering power. The Umbers and siennas are a must for creating earthy tones, while other important opaque colours to keep in mind are Chrome Oxide Green, Red and Yellow Oxides, Unbleached Titanium and Carbon Black.

The Transparents

Tri-Art Airbrush Acrylics also feature a wide selection of transparent colours which are the perfect vehicle for achieving glowing graduated tones and intense depth of colour by process of layering.

The fiery undertone of Indian Yellow can provide a luminous ground on which to build, while the range of the Phthalo Blue-Green line offers an endless possibility of aquatic tones and lush exotic colour.

For creating warmer tones, the Transparent Yellow and Gold Oxides provide the earthy, primitive colour of opaque oxides and ochers in a revolutionary transparent format. Tri-Art Permanent Crimson mimics traditional alizarin crimson with none of the fugitive lightfastness of it's predecessor. For versatility and subtle colour mixing the Tri-Art Transparents are in a class of their own.

Tri-Art Airbrush Medium

The Indispensable Airbrush Medium acts as an extender for the colors, and is especially useful for creating tinted glazes when used with Tri-Art Transparent colours. The Airbrush Medium can also be used as a varnish as it will dry to a glossy, glass clear finish which will not yellow with the passage of time or exposure to ultraviolet light. Tri-Art Airbrush Acrylics can be thinned up to 50% with water, however, using Airbrush Medium will ensure a more permanent and durable paint film.

Tri-Art Flow Release

Tri-Art Flow Release is a medium aimed specifically at airbrush acrylics and acrylic inks. It is a potent, low viscosity retarder, that greatly reduces the surface tension of the paint or ink while slowing the drying process. When used with an airbrush it will significantly decrease the tendency of clogging at the tip of the gun. Acrylic inks, in combination with Tri-Art Flow Release, can be brushed out readily without beading or crawling. We recommend that flow release be used sparingly as adding excessive quantities to your inks or airbrush colours will greatly impede the drying process.

The addition of Tri-Art Flow Release to Tri-Art Acrylic Inks and Tri-Art Airbrush Acrylics makes penning, brushing and spraying much smoother and easier without compromising their chroma or longevity. Tri-Art Flow Release is compatible with all Tri-Art Acrylic paints and inks.

Masking Film

Masking film is one of the primary tools used in producing airbrush work. Tri-Art Airbrush Acrylics maintain a high resistance to masking film. The colours dry to a durable, flexible film which will not pull or flake off when used in conjunction with adhesive materials such as masking film, frisk film, and masking and scotch tapes. Once the sprayed area is dry to the touch, masking film can be utilized without danger of marring the background surface.

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