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A Blend of Traditional and Modern for Today's Artist

FINEST QUALITY OIL COLOURS Tri-Art's Finest Quality family of products introduces a line of genuine oil colour for the professional artist. Made with refined linseed , safflower oil ,Alkyd and Linseed Oil, Tri-Art's selected oil colours contain only the finest artist grade pigments, milled to perfection, to offer ultimate brilliance and purity of colour.
Tri-Art is recognized for offering unique and exciting ranges of both traditional and cutting-edge colours for contemporary artists. Our Finest Quality Oil line is designed for the artist who embraces both the traditional oil colour palette and techniques, as well as modern pigments and innovative applications available today.

SPECIALTY COLOURS Upbeat and unique inclusions in this new oil line are Micaceous Iron Oxide, Phosphorescent and Liquid Mirror. There is also a dazzling array of iridescent and interference colours. Interference colours shift depending on the angle they are viewed at and offer unique colour possibilities for oil painters. Perfect for accents, glazing and enhancing colours. Painting over dark colors will show the dominant (label) colour and painting over light colours will reveal the complimentary colour. All of these new additions are made with a slow drying alkyd binder to allow full clarity for these brilliant and shimmering pigments.

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