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Peaks like no other in its class! – The Technology of Rheology

About - The FIRST CHOICE in student acrylic paints! Rheotech achieves qualities previously exclusive to the artist arena and is undeniably the best student acrylic paint available today. Rheotech Acrylics have a creamy, workable consistency. As its name reflects, it has the best rheology possible for an academic line, allowing it to obtain textures and effects usually only obtained with professional paints. Made with 100% pure acrylic emulsion and pigment, it is the only truly archival paint in its class. There is good to excellent lightfastness and chroma with all the colours, the best for it's level. It has excellent adhesion and will not chip, crack or separate in the jar. Tri-Art believes in giving artists the control of their colours and finishes. We do not alter the colours and pigments with fillers that effect these vital characteristics. We have carefully selected pigments to offer a varied palette of colours that are opaque, semi opaque and transparent.

Rheotech acrylic paints are fully compatible with each other and other Tri-Art acrylic paints and mediums. Do not mix with oil paints, solvent based paints or inks. Application to oily or greasy surfaces is not recommended as this will compromise adhesion and paint film integrity. The flexible, water fast nature of Rheotech acrylics allow for versatility in application on a variety of surfaces, e.g. paper, wood, clay, plaster etc. Rheotech gesso is the recommend primer for most surfaces.

There are 69 colours in the line providing instructors and students with the necessary tools for colour theory and mixing. Specialty colours such as iridescents and fluorescents have been included to create dynamic visual and creative effects. Rheotech recognizes art students as the great artist's of tomorrow, and honours their work by offering professional performance for an affordable price. This allows every instructional environment to be able to offer the opportunity to learn with the best.


Paint may be applied with a brush or palette knife in thin layers, washes or heavy impasto to hold peeks, textures and stroke marks. It may be used alla prima out of the container or mixed with mediums to control viscosity and luster. To extend colours and maintain optimum colour chroma, use Rheotech Mediums. Rheotech colours can be thinned with water at up to a 1:1 ratio to maintain a stable paint film. Brushes and painting tools should be kept wet during use and cleaned with warm water and soap immediately afterwards. Keep caps and lids on containers once paint has been dispersed.

Labeling: Our labelling clearly indicates pigment identification, lightfastness ratings and opacity for the colours.
Relative coverage: T=Transparent   SO=Semi Transparent   O=Opaque
Light fastness: *** = Good Tint   **** = Excellent Tint
Pigment Identification: PY 74 = Pigment Yellow 74

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