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September 29th 2011

Tri-Art Audio debuts THE BLOCK at TAVES 2011
Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show, Sept 30 - Sunday Oct 2 2011

September 5th 2011

Welcome Back students, faculty and staff
Back to School Fall 2011

April 26th 2011

New! Finest Quality Watercolour and Oil paint lines featured at Namta 2011
Tri-Art begins Canadian distribution for selected products

March 28th 2011

Bring on the Arizona sun!
NAMTA's Art Materials World® 2011

January 10th 2011

upcoming shows
2011 CHA Winter Conference, AFAC Artist Conference Artist & NAEA National Art Education Convention

November 30th 2010

A+ in Acrylic Education
Educational Workshops for art teacher associations

October 26th 2010

Tri-Art Rocks!
Learning & Product Expo: Art! 2010

October 18th 2010

Learning & Products Art Expo: ART! 2010 in Pasadena, California
Tri-Art Workshops and demo schedule

October 13th 2010

Product Specialists
Our newest initiative

September 13th 2010

Back To School
thank you for your support of Tri-Art products

September 9th 2010

packaging update
discontinued handle attachements on 2.3L jars

June 24th 2010

Tri-Art Linseed Soap
A gentle brush & hand cleaner for your studio

June 20th 2010

Say hello to the JBOX!
Our new set package design

June 11th 2010

Introducing Gesso Sludge
Another Eco-friendly innovation!

June 7th 2010

Thank you Namta 2010
Our National Art Materials Trade Association experience
A Shared Palette Experience
Artist Sharlena Wood shares her experience at Namta 2010
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Like our Tri-Art Acrylics Page!

March 21st 2010

It's that time of year again...NAMTA here we come!
NAMTA 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana

February 17th 2010

Tri-Art, Rheni Tauchid & Sharlena wood at the Art for All Canada Conference for Artists

January 10th 2010

Join us at CHA winter show in Anaheim, California!
Find some fine acrylics at the Craft and Hobby Association show this month!

September 30th 2009

Acrylic workshops galore at the Learning and Product Expo: Art! in Pasadena, CA
Rheni Tauchid and Sharlena Wood present three workshops at the popular Art Expo!
Tri-Art welcomes new teachers to our Acrylic Education Program.
Expanding our Acrylic reach

June 15th 2009

The New Acrylics Essential Source book...Advanced copies!
Rhéni will have signed, advanced copies of her book with her in Chicago.

June 10th 2009

Modifications to Rheotech Acrylics
Improved Colour Shift in Formulation
Tri-Art's Look is Winning!
Tri-Art won the award for Best Point of Purchase at NAMTA.

April 28th 2009

Rhéni Tauchid to be at the Learning & Product Expo in Chicago.
Rhéni will be instructing sessions at the Learning & Product Expo this summer.

April 21st 2009

Tri-Art at NAMTA
Tri-Art will be attending the National Art Materials Trade Assoc. show
Raw Umber modification
Tri-Art has modified our Raw Umber which will be showing up in stores now.

February 20th 2009

Tri-Art is Going to Be Selling Direct to Resellers.
There is going to be a change in the method of resellers ordering our products.

February 10th 2009

The New Acrylics Essential Source book has gone to print!!
Rhéni Tauchid's second book is completed and will hit the shelves July 14th, 2009.
Tri-Art modifies its Raw Umber.
After fifteen years we are modifying our Raw Umber in all lines.

October 29th 2008

Tri-Art and the Classroom
Tri-Art attends Art Education Shows across the States

October 24th 2008

Tri-Art will be attending the BCATA educator's conference
Rhéni Tauchid and Timothy Hoey will be presenting workshops at the BC Educator's conference
Rhéni Heads West!
Rhéni Tauchid will be visiting Opus and Island Blue in BC
Fun, Flexible, Forgiving
A workshop to be given by Mary Louise White in London
Tri-Art in New York State
Tri-Art will be attending the NYSATA conference
A free Demo in Toronto - Discover How Versatile Acrylics Can Be!
Connie will be at Woolfitt's to do a demo for the public
Faux, Matallic Finishes Workshop
A workshop in Kingston at Wallack's Art Supply Store

June 11th 2008

Tri-Art debuts our new packaging and would like to thank...
Tri-Art debuted our new packaging at the National Art Materials Trade Show
New Packaging for Tri-Art!
Tri-Art is realizing our vision of manufacturing our own packaging!!

May 28th 2008

Tri-Art at the Learning and Product Expo
Tri-Art will be hosting Three workshops at the show this year.

April 1st 2008

A Free Demo in Toronto
Tri-Art will be in Toronto Aril 19th at our Canadian Distributor.

March 13th 2008

Tri-Art's Email List
Tri-Art has started a new feature on our web site.

March 10th 2008

A Brilliant New Sludge To Hit The Shelves
Check out the latest Sludge to leave Tri-Art!

February 26th 2008

We're Gearing up for NAMTA!
May 1/3 We are in Reno for the International Art Material Trade Association Show

February 13th 2008

Tri-Art at the Craft and Hobby Association
Check out some crafty ideas using Tri-Art Acrylic paints and

January 8th 2008

Newly released German translation of The New Acrylics
Rheni will be giving painting demonstrations and presenting the newly eleased German translation of her book The New Acrylics atthe Paperworld Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

December 20th 2007

Sludge For Artists of An Environmental Event...
Artist To Receive Sludge for participating in the "Rubber Boots Ball".

December 18th 2007

New Sludge Batches
Three New Sludge Batches to Hit Retailer's Shelves.
Tri-Art Receives A Visit From A Special Artist
An inspriational painter who uses Rheotech Paints for his creations!

August 29th 2007

Jack Richeson Workshop
Connie will be demonstrating Tri-Art products in the Jack Richeson show Booth at the Savannah College of Art and Design.
Woolfitts Workshop
Connie will be doing a demo of Tri-Art's Finest Quality mediums and new colours.

August 10th 2007

Outside the Artist's Studio Podcast
Last month Tri-Art was treated to a visit by artist Kevin Jenné and Randal Wark, creators of Outside the Artist's Studio a website.

August 9th 2007

Workshop at the Learning & Products Art Expo in Pasadena, California
Rheni will be teaching a workshop at the Learning & Products Art Expo in Pasadena, California on Sunday, October 14th, 9-10:30am.

June 9th 2007

Tri-Art is very excited to introduce 16 new colours in our Finest Quality line of High Viscosity and Liquid acrylic paints.
The colours developed for this line are both innovative and complimentary to our existing palette. The projected release date for the new colours to our distributors is the end of June.

May 28th 2007

Paint Demo & Book Promo!
Rheni Tauchid will be at Woolfitt's in Toronto to demonstrate the newest Mediums in the Tri-Art Finest Quality Acrylic line!

April 12th 2007

Tri-Art is now induction sealing all its lids and caps
This will help stop leaks and further guarantee the freshness of our products.

March 27th 2007

Tri-Art tries on the NAEA in NYC
Our first voyage to the National Art Educators Association convention in New York City this month was met with resounding enthusiasm.

March 23rd 2007

Tri-Art and Richeson get together in time for NAMTA!
Tri-Art Manufacturing Inc. is thrilled to announce Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. as the exclusive US distributors for all of the products we manufacture...

January 31st 2007

Artist Links
Please take a look at the Artist Links, a new addition to our website.

December 19th 2006

Announcing 21 New Mediums in Tri-Art's Finest Quality Acrylic Line
Clear Gesso, Clear Modeling Paste, Final Finish, Glazing Medium, Modeling Gel, Top Coat...

September 8th 2006

Product label information up-date pertaining to our Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Matte Acrylic Mediums
Our labels now incorporate colour coded symbols to indicate the various gloss levels.

May 12th 2006

Product Change Announcement Pertaining to our Finest Quality High Viscosity and Liquid Lines
Discontinued Transparent Pyrrole Red Light Pigment
Product label information up-date pertaining to our Gloss and Matte Top Coat
Tri-Art Finest Quality Gloss and Matte Top Coats. Please note the following information clarification and update. Who Needs to Know: Buyers, sellers, salespeople, and end users.

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