Tri-Art PRESS RELEASE, February 26th 2015


Tri-Art has recently made significant improvements in the quality and performance of our entire range of

Rheotech wet, dry, tint, stain drawdowns

 acrylic products. 

After much testing and evaluation, we have been able to produce the best formulations for our product lines, achieving the same quality in terms of flexibility, adhesion and resistance to yellowing with time. The dry film improvements have led to some physical changes in the appearance of the colours in their wet state. The wet to dry colour shift is most noticeable in our student lines.

We have been working towards these changes for some time, the implementation of wich has resulted in the following improvements: 

  • -Glossier dry film
  • -Improved shelf life

  • -Enhanced colour staining power

  • -Increased transparency of dry resin (acrylic) resulting in higher chroma and pigment tone accuracy

  • -Improved rheology resulting in creamier wet film handling

  • -Augmented texture holding capabilities and brushstroke fidelity

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