Tri-Art PRESS RELEASE, June 18th 2015

Notes From the Lab:

We recently imporved upon our recipe for grinding our Umber pigments. We are using the same PBr7 pigments but are now able to develop the colour further. As a result Burnt Umber, Raw Umber and all the mixed colours using these pigments will benefit from this development. This applies for all our acrylic colour lines.

The more efficeint use of the pegment results in:

- Darker and richer Umbers than previous batches

- More intense chroma

- Stronger tinting strength

- Higher staining

- Glossier finish

Neutral Grey and Viridian Hue will show a slight shift in their mass tone and undertone. 

*NOTE - There is the same ratio of solids to liquids with each line. The colours will maintain the performance and abilities associated with their line. 

raw umber old batch vs new batch

old formula vs new grind draw down 

staining-undertone comparison 

old formula tint vs new grin  

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